–  E V E R Y   D A Y  –

•  WELCOMING – 200+ people from the community


•  SERVING with – 20+ volunteers of all ages


•  HELPING  – up to 26 in our RESIDENTIAL RECOVERY program.


•  SHELTERING the homeless – up to 16 stay in the 30 day Shelter

with 10 full time trained STAFF

Services & Events


Sunday Oct 4 marked the beginning of a new life in Christ for Jim – one our Residents as he was baptized at the Vineyard Church, Chilliwack. Jim gave a moving ‘testimony’ that despite enormous challenges he had given his life to Christ. READ MORE>>

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They come in all sizes! Some of our Adopt-a-Night evening main meal teams bring children… there’s always a way to make it work!


Current Testimonies

Chaplain’s blog


This family describe “coming to the Mission with nothing”.
“We were blueberry picking for 12 hours a day and sleeping in our car.
I remember discovering the Mission… it was amazing to get a shower, eat supper and sleep in the emergency shelter,” they added “The Mission was a ‘lifesaver’. It got us back on our feet. We’ve been clean a year and we’ve just had a baby!”


In my role as  Chaplain to Guests who come in nightly for supper, I have especially of late, had to deal incidents involving extremely angry and irrational people (shouting, swearing name calling…).

I remind myself that anger is a ‘secondary’ emotion coming from hurt (and it’s simply not about me!). People come to a Mission with depths of abuse.  A gentle answer turns away wrath’ Proverbs 15:1

The challenge in dealing with rage is twofold…

1. Damage Control – angry words can amount to verbal abuse especially around hurt & broken people. Angry accusative outbursts are not tolerated in Mission.

2. Internal Response – as Staff at the Mission we cannot allow ourselves to respond to anger, insults and verbal abuse with anger. (A fruit of the Holy Spirit is ‘self control’)

PLEASE PRAY for our front line staff who directly deal with these challenging interactions. GOD is our strength and shield.

Peter Biggs

News & Views


The ALPHA COURSE has enjoyed remarkable success in helping people gain Christian faith. It is endorsed and run by the majority of denominations in 169 countries and 112 languages. New videos perfectly suit the spiritual interest we find amongst the hundreds who attend our suppers. Starting Thursday 24 Sept 2 pm the course will run for 10 weeks. “As a church Pastor for 20 years I have never seen such an attentiveness to the 10 minute talks I give nightly in our dining room. ALPHA is a perfect tool to lead some to Christian commitment and discipleship,” said Peter Biggs (Director of Community Services)


1820 HOUSE is a new Sunday 6 pm chapel service held at the Mission starting Sept 20. It creates a place where folks from the street, can worship and share a light meal with the volunteers and local churches that serve here.
The goal is to create a comfortable place where relationships can be formed and hopefully where people will feel comfortable inviting those without a home church back to theirs. For those who will never attend a church service we are giving them an opportunity to connect with the Church as a whole and most importantly with God.                                       Cory Buettner

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