–  E V E R Y   D A Y  –

•  WELCOMING – 200+ people from the community


•  SERVING with – 20+ volunteers of all ages


•  HELPING  – up to 26 in our RESIDENTIAL RECOVERY program.


•  SHELTERING the homeless – up to 16 stay in the 30 day Shelter

with 10 full time trained STAFF

Fri Nov 20 - ‘Walk a Mile’ – Dave’s annual sponsored walk Fri Nov 20 - ‘Walk a Mile’ – Dave’s annual sponsored walk Sat Nov 28 - Volunteer Orientation Session Fri Nov 20 - ‘Walk a Mile’ – Dave’s annual sponsored walk

Services & Events


Partnering with Summit Pacific College’s ‘Omega Team
(students that Volunteer) we have started a Tuesday evening RAN Mission drop in Kid’s Club.
After the Family Meal at 6 pm parents drop their kids off and pick them up at 8 pm.
Crafts, games and Bible stories fill the time.
The kids look forward to it !


This year’s Thanksgiving dinner was the best yet! We welcomed 150 people who enjoyed a special supper together. (Special thanks to cooks JD, Stephanie & Jim along with Julie who designed the centrepiece!)IMG_2591


Current Testimonies

Chaplain’s blog

…”some Guests just break your heart”  >>

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This family describe “coming to the Mission with nothing”.
“We were blueberry picking for 12 hours a day and sleeping in our car.
I remember discovering the Mission… it was amazing to get a shower, eat supper and sleep in the emergency shelter,” they added “The Mission was a ‘lifesaver’. It got us back on our feet. We’ve been clean a year and we’ve just had a baby!”


I am a Chaplain to Guests who come in nightly for supper. Of late, I have had to deal with incidents… in the dining area (containing up to 120). It always involves people exploding in anger/rage for no rational reason with shouting, swearing++ and cursing. Frankly it’s tough – on everyone…            >> READ MORE


News & Views

Dave6Dave’s Walk – DAILY UPDATES!


The ALPHA COURSE has enjoyed remarkable success in helping people gain Christian faith. New videos perfectly suit the spiritual interest we find amongst the hundreds who attend our suppers. OUR COURSE IS NOW RUNNING every Thursday at 2 pm – please pray.

“As a church Pastor for 20 years I have never seen such an attentiveness to the 10 minute talks I give nightly in our dining room. ALPHA is a perfect tool to lead some to Christian commitment and discipleship,” said Peter Biggs (Director of Community Services)


1820 HOUSE is a new Sunday 6 pm chapel service held at the Mission.
The goal is to create a comfortable place where relationships can be formed and hopefully where people will feel comfortable inviting those without a home church back to theirs. For those who will never attend a church service gives them an opportunity to connect with the Church as a whole and most importantly with God. Currently around 50 meet every week.

Cory Buettner

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