• SERVING - 200+ meals
  • WELCOMING – 250+ people
  • APPRECIATING– 50+ volunteers
  • HELPING up to 30 people in Residential Recovery
  • SHELTERING people overnight in our emergency shelter

VOLUNTEERS help it all happen.

Tue Dec 23 - Pancake Breakfast by Soprema! Thu Dec 25 - 3 & 6pm Christmas Dinner (first sitting – includes Families) Wed Dec 31 - Fund Raiser by Triple Play Pub

Services & Events


According to recent studies 1 in 5 children in BC live in poverty. Food Bank usage is up across the board. Here at Chilliwack’s large downtown Mission, we too are welcoming UNPRECEDENTED numbers. We now can see up to and over 200 daily needing supper.


Overnight we provide EMERGENCY SHELTER for those who are genuinely homeless. In addition we are providing ‘COLD WEATHER’ shelter. We’ve been packed, sheltering over 20 people. VIEW PHOTO


that will directly support Chilliwack’s poor

  • THANKS Griffin Security for facilitating two great FOOD DRIVES on Saturday 8 & 15 of November.
  • THANKS to Coopers Foods and SUPERSTORE, Sardis for hosting our Food Drive!
  • THANKS Chilliwack Real Estate Board for organizing the Clothing and Blanket Drive again this Christmas.
  • THANKS Mount Cheam Christian School and Unity Christian School and Vedder Middle School for the Food Drives you are working on this Christmas.
  • THANKS Triple Play Pub for your Christmas initiatives!
  • THANKS to St Paul’s Lutheran and Christ Lutheran churches or bringing your choirs!
  • THANKS to many others that help the poor of Chilliwack through the Mission this time of the year….

Current Testimonies


‘Santa’ visits the kids of the Downtown – with presents for everyone at the Mission Tuesday Dec 16… >> MORE




Volunteers have a testimony of the impact the MIssion has on them.

Every month we enjoy the awesome (youth) combination of Volunteer teams from Timothy Christian School & Summit Pacific Bible College. They help provide and serve the 170+ people we see for supper. We love the fun and genuine care these young people bring (‘Before & After’ snapshots!)


We see many young families at the Mission. George, Cathy, Joseph(2) & Amanda(1) have been coming for supper for 3 years. Indeed they met at the Mission! Cathy is on disability and George works whenever he can find a job. “We really appreciate times at the Mission and feel supported,” Cathy says.


News & Views



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We are SO appreciative for the recognition and support of organizations!


by Dr. John Gray – Director of Residential Services

Conflict during the holidays is familiar. If you define conflict to be a situation where people have different ideas about how something should be done then conflict is downright common. The holiday season often includes conflict resulting from events with our family, friends or colleagues… READ MORE>>

View from the Bridge

by Bill Raddatz – Executive Director


I am constantly aware that here at the Mission in downtown Chilliwack there is quite a contrast to what I am accustomed to at Christmas. To many it is a dark and lonely time of year. Many have fragmented families, some are estranged from kids, others are just simply ‘lost’ and chronically lonely. It is not an exaggeration when I say that some in the Mission are outcasts of mainstream society, wounded and afflicted, lonely, even suicidal. Lately in dealing with people in crisis I have thought of us more as a ‘RESCUE Mission’. Bill – Nov 26 2014


Friendship between Missions…

MissionUnity“It all started last December with a simple phone call to The Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham for information,” says Peter Biggs – Director of Community Services. “Our Exec Directors shared a conference and became great friends… the Missions now share an annual Staff Retreat.


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