• EVENINGS - 6 pm & 7 pm (Mon - Sat) + 1820 HOUSE 6 pm SundaysIMG_2843


In the large ground floor room we serve up to 200+ people dinner every evening.

THE FAMILY FEAST  is exclusive to families with kids and commences at 6 pm. Numbers vary but can reach 60 (families & disabled people)


THE MAIN MEAL begins at 7 pm






+ KIDS KLUB!  Thursday 6:30 - 8 pm Geoff(Volunteer) and her his wife Karen(staff) lead a small group after the Family Feast... (held in collaboration with Broadway Church).


 • AFTERNOON SERVICES - 1 - 3 pm (Mon - Fri)IMG_2749a

We also welcome Guests for drop-in 25c coffee & snacks.

During this time we facilitate laundry, showers and emergency food hampers.

• Free Clothing Distribution from our 'WEARHOUSE' (pictured)

• PRAYER anytime   

• Daily Women's Hour - with coffee and a variety of crafts. (2 pm)

Regarding Emergency Food Hampers, we are not a 'food bank' they are distributed at the discretion of the Room Supervisor. People may apply for a hamper every 5 weeks. (Hampers are not distributed for one week after Welfare Cheque day)


Pastoral Care

Guests from the community all come from the downtown area of Chilliwack and could be described as 'financially poor' - living on Disability ($900/month) or Income Assistance(Welfare $500/month) before rent.

A minority (albeit significant) of our Guests deal with mental illness and/or addictions every day.

An important connection we develop with the many Guests who come the Mission for various service is 'Pastoral' care.

What makes up 'life' is unique to every individual, with past hurts & failures sometimes producing life defeating behaviours.  The impact Jesus had on 'defeated' people often came through 'pastoral' conversations. (eg. The woman at the well in John 4)

As a Mission we seek for the Kingdom of God to impact people.

To that end we have become increasingly intentional, with every evening commencing with  5-10 minute encouraging 'Introductory Thoughts' given by Chaplains and others. We also have other gifted Volunteers who we recognize are gifted to pastorally 'come alongside' people.


Chaplaincy - Community Services

Director of Community Services Peter Biggs  and Street Outreach Pastor  Cory Buettner are Staff Chaplains (both trained Pastors).

Peter oversees Mission Services (Afternoon & Evening) Tues - Sat.

Cory (along with his daily role as Street Pastor) covers Mondays - as well as the evening Sunday Chapel -  '1820 HOUSE'.

Peter Biggs -     Cory Buttoner -