Ruth & Naomi's Mission 73We honour Ruth & Naomi's founders Ted & Ann Stoker (pictured) Their heart for 'Street People' took them out to serve people. Eventually people came to them for a range of services and a building was built. This has been replaced with the current much larger building that is 3 years old.  Ted retired from the Mission for health reasons in 2013.

The name 'RUTH & NAOMI'S' comes from a story can be found in the Bible and more precisely the Book of Ruth. The story is about a mother named Naomi and the daughter in law Ruth. They lived in a foreign land to which they were severely handicapped. Unfortunately their husbands were dead, and they had no immediate family. Consequently they were homeless, without food and no provider. So they decided to return to their mother land of Bethlehem, but when they arrived they discovered that things were not much better.

There source of food was to pick up what others left behind. They would pick up the harvest when dropped and left behind by the farmers. Ruth performed this survival task in the field of a wealthy landowner named Boaz. Boaz was a relative of Naomi's husband. Ruth caught the attention of Boaz who became the protector of both Naomi and Ruth. Boaz insured that Ruth and Naomi would always have food, shelter and be protected. Eventually Boaz married Ruth.

This is our story at the Mission. WE are here to feed the hungry, and provide shelter for the homeless. To care for society's less fortunate regardless of their path. We also provide an opportunity to those who want freedom from their addictions by enrolling in our Step Up Program. We are here to give HOPE!