Volunteer Guidelines

We hold MONTHLY VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION SESSIONS on the last Thursday on the month at 6 pm.

All future volunteers are encouraged to attend.


Our primary focus is to serve the people of Downtown Chilliwack. Volunteers serve guests usually in a small team under the direction of our Director of Community Services (Peter Biggs).


Volunteers in effect are ‘joining’ Ruth & Naomi’s Mission and need to adhere to our Christian values and mission. There are also specific rules:

Whilst having anything to do with the Mission, no illegal drug or alcohol use is permitted.

When you are volunteering it is inappropriate to form romantic relationships with Guests.

All (potential) contact with guests outside of the Mission is to be reported to the Director. (This can be good and be a natural extension of care & concern - however there can be pitfalls).

Ruth & Naomi’s Mission may both enroll and dismiss any volunteer.


Who may be a volunteer

Volunteers first connect with our Volunteer Coordinator - Cheryl Giesbrecht cgiesbrecht@ruthandnaomis.ca

They will then be signed up to attend a  'Volunteer Orientation' - held on the last Thursday of each month at 6 pm.

We may accept minors (under 19) who might be part of a group overseen by a leader, or be accompanied by a parent.

No minor (under 19) may serving meals to Guests in dining area.

(Minors Grade 11 and up may serve with parental supervision) 


Volunteer Values

Volunteers need not be a Christian, however they do need to recognize and be supportive that Ruth & Naomi’s Mission is Christian, and embrace its ‘values’.

How we relate to guests and residents is as critical as what we ‘do’ to help people.

• Everyone has inherent worth (created in the image of God).

• We are not judgmental recognizing very individual has undergone a journey, with many and varied experiences - some good, some hurtful. Some of us carry invisible burdens.

• Guests are no different from volunteers (or staff) We ALL have struggles and we all sin. There is NO ‘them and us’ mentality, and no ‘rank’ or ‘authority’ in being a volunteer.

• We do not stereotype people based on external looks or circumstances.

• We are explicit in presenting the Biblical Good News of relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Our Christian foundation means we seek represent the ministry of Jesus, made possible the by indwelling Holy Spirit.

"the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control." Galations 5:1  

Volunteer Orientation Training evenings

Volunteers are required to attend a Volunteer Orientation on the last Thursday each month at 6 pm).

They include the Mission's History, Mission, Vision, Structure, Programs & Values. We also want to hear about you!

The Director (Peter Biggs) working with our Volunteer Coordinator - Cheryl  will endeavor to meet the Mission’s need with volunteers who are suited to the various tasks and roles. We take your contact details, your preferences / availability and your skills and call you in as the MIssion has need.

A note on direct contact with Guests...